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Christmas puzzle!

Edit 26/12: so, I've decided to post the fanfic here, for the moment, until I can create a AO3 collection to keep them together. I think most will be in English, but let's see. I'm sure all will be involving Harry Potter, oh yes, it's that time of year!

Partecipo ad un bellissimo contest, il Christmas Game: ho scelto un puzzle e i miei 9 prompt e sinceramente non so nemmeno se riuscirò a completarlo tutto ma... CI PROVO!

By MultiEleonora96 ( )

  1. Lucine
    2. Impronte nella neve/Footprints in the snow
    3. A ha perso la memoria da diverso tempo e B sta per arrendersi
    4. Fantasmi/Ghosts
    5. Stelle cadenti/Falling stars
    6. I personaggi addobbano l’albero di Natale insieme
    7. A finisce in ospedale e chiama B per rassicurarlo
    8. A sta cercando di fare dei dolci ma B continua ad assaggiare tutti gli ingredienti/A tries to bake but B keeps tasting all ingredients
    9. A e B hanno una tradizione: bere della cioccolata calda (o altro) seduti sulle scale, con le gambe intrecciate/A and B have a tradition: drinking hot chocolate (or other) sitting on the stairs with crossed legs


Prompt in libertà

Friendly reminder - non so quando e se riuscirò a fillarli prima di Natale, ma intanto me li appiccico qui per non perdermeli per strada.

Da piscinadiprompt per la #dashingthroughprompts

Yuri on Ice, Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Katsuki
- Yuri on Ice, Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Katsuki, "Oh, these emotions I never knew/ Of some other world far beyond this place/ Beyond the trees, above the clouds/ I see before me a new horizon" (da "Strangers like me" di Phil Collins) - fillata
- Yuri on Ice, Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Katsuki, Harry Potter!AU in cui Yuri è uno dei Campioni Tremaghi e Victor l'assistente del professore nella delegazione di Durmstrang

Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic, Cassim/Ali Baba
- Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic, Cassim/Ali Baba, Notti d'inverno
- Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic, Cassim/Ali Baba, Always beside you

Crossover Le 5 leggende/Dragon Trainer, Jack Frost/Hiccup
- Crossover Le 5 leggende/Dragon Trainer, Jack Frost/Hiccup, convivenza
- Crossover Le 5 leggende/Dragon Trainer, Jack Frost/Hiccup, Jack e Hiccuo sono migliori amici ma in realtà provano qualcosa di più profondo.
- Crossover Le 5 leggende/Dragon Trainer, Jack Frost/Hiccup, Modern!AU: Adottare un cane (o un gatto) -

Yuri on Ice, Phichit Chulanont/Yuri Katsuki
- Yuri on Ice, Phichit Chulanont/Yuri Katsuki, missing moment pre-serie
- Yuri on Ice, Phichit Chulanont/Yuri Katsuki, giorno di riposo

random thoughts

It could be Christmas, but I'm possessed by the Sacred Spirit of Fanwriting.
I'm so used to write in - let's say - "business English", that it's difficult to write in a "creative" way both in Italian and in English. When you spend your days writing emails of turnovers, customers and analytics, you kind of lose sense of writing about porn, romance and crazy fangirl things.
To be honest, I miss it even if it's so difficult now to get my head in the game, so the fun and relaxing part that entails writing about my favs pairing is lost in the mist of doubt and cliché. At the same time, I find myself not wanting to come back to the same pairing I've written about, but I'm experimenting a bit.
While browsing in my LJ friendlist, I found again some communities that didn't die out, so I'm going to try them out a bit, no pressure (so definitely no big bangs for NOW), and try to write nibbles of max 1k words, just to get re-acquainted to the whole thinking (hence writing) process.

In the meantime, I've written 2 HP ficlets for te owlpost xmas exchange and I'm so happy! Yay, I made it! I cannot even believe I got back at writing for the Harry Potter fandom! I really hope the giftees will be happy when they read it, at the moment I received great gifts and I'm dying to get to know who my gifters are! For the moment, I have to wait until beginning of January to find it.

In the meantime, I have to decide what should I do with my community of fanfic... not really sure it's still interesting to keep it open, since I'm not writing a lot. Although, I prefer to keep personal LJ separated from fanfic per se, even if I don't really use personal LJ. Mmmh, I'll have a thought about that and I'll see, because before closing the fanfic community I need to transfer the fanfics on my AO3 account and, let's be honest, I don't have this much time to do it.

I'm alive (but not yet back)

So, here I am. It's been years since my last post. A lot of things have changed in my life and I'm not eveb sure myself where I stand in all of this, I just know that when my head is spinning in search for direction, I usually write.

Hence, here I am. I've started recently to re-read fanfictions, thanks to some time off work and a brand new kindle, and there is no doubt that this and a combination of other events spark the lazy fangirl in me.

I'm not sure I'm back writing. I've signed up in a Christmas challenge and for the moment that's it. I'm in a sort of complicated relationship with my doubts (what's new) and I'm not making up my mind just yet... that's it. I'm making it up as I go, which is hard for an anxious person like me.

A revamp of an old fandom brought me the desire to write this post and sign up for the aforementioned challenge - Harry Potter, can you believe it. I started writing in the Potterverse in 2005, in my mothertongue, but for some reason I'm back in the pit.

But, this is another story, and I'll try to stay true to my choice... I'll make it up as I go.
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[RPF - Sì, Oscura Signora -- OVVERO come si passa un Capodanno con delle VERE fangirl



Il nostro cast:
weeping_ice nel ruolo di Oscura Signora

shikaku my avatargondolosquare
         kirav199 as il goblin Kira                 gondolin_maid as il goblin Gondolin         sepherim_ml as il goblin Sepherim                  
A/N: La cara kirav199 ha lasciato un meraviglioso prompt al Pornfest di quest'anno che fortunatamente è stato fillato. Ma io, non contenta, avevo cominciato a lavorarci su come regalino per kirav199, gondolin_maid, weeping_ice in onore della fantastica settimana passata assieme per Capodanno.

Vi voglio bene, giiiiiiiirls! <3

Prompt originale: Goblin/Oscuro Signore, "Perché, orrida feccia, non hai ancora recuperato il sacro dildo con il knot?"

"Perché, orrida feccia, non avete ancora recuperato il mio Sacro Dildo con il Knot?" tuonò l'Oscura Signora dall'alto del suo trono di teschi.Collapse )

New challenges

So I did it. In just one morning I signed up for two different challenges. I don't even know how I'm supposed to do both of them in August. I guess that's the story of my life.

Anyway, I signed up for spnmpregbb at the very last minute. No, scratch that. I signed up a couple of hours AFTER the signing up closed, but the mods were so kind that they allowed me in the challenge.

So now I have to write min 10k of big bang. Mpreg. Ok. I can do that. I have an idea, but it's J2 and I wanted to do something Supernatural, maybe Sam/Dean. Thoughts?

The next challenge it's going to be easy. Very easy. An Evil!Sammy fic for evilsam_spn. My musical prompt is a Song of Evil by Saxon and I cannot wait to write something. By the way, signing is still open, anyone wants to take a bite? ;)

ITALIAN/ENGLISH Christmas Drabble Meme!

Writing Drabble Meme #2


- Vi fornisco una lista di fandom e pairings;
- Potete lasciare prompt scegliendo tra fandom e pairings. Io li fillerò uno alla volta;
- Potete lasciare un prompt specifico (ex. una frase, un titolo, una citazione, una canzone di riferimento) o generico;
- Dal momento che è un meme natalizio, potete specificare di voler ricevere un fill a tema natalizio. Ovviamente, potete specificare nel prompt di NON volere un fill natalizio e io lo farò generico;

- [ENGLISH] Leave me a prompt, choosing fandom and pairing listed below. I'll fill it with a christmassy-theme or something generic. You choose! :)

Fandom e pairings:

Harry Potter: Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry, Lucifer/Harry, Tom Riddle/Harry.

Supernatural: Castiel/Dean, Sam/Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, John/Dean, Sam/John/Dean, Lucifer/Dean, Benny/Dean, Gabriel/Dean.

Once upon a time: Regina/Emma, Dreamy or Grumpy/Nova, Mulan/Aurora.

The vampire diaries: Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, Damon/Alaric, Klaus/Caroline.

The Avengers: Thor/Bruce, Thor/Loki, Thor/Steve/Tony, Natasha/Clint (strictly crack).

X-men First Class: Erik/Charles.

X-men: Logan/Scott, Logan/Bobby, Bobby/Rogue, Logan/Scott/Jean.

Real person:
Supernatural RPS: Jared/Jensen, Jeff/Jensen, Jeff/Jensen/Jared.